Released at the tail end of 1989, this record epitomized early 90's power pop, though with a heavier, crunchier guitar sound than what the band had previously incorporated in their music. You can hear Beatles and Beach Boys influences throughout the tracks, especially in the choruses and harmonies. Heck, there's even a harpsichord solo in 'Blue Period' that sounds a lot like The Beatles' harpsichord-like piano solo from 'In My Life.' The whole album clocks in at just 10 tracks and 34 minutes but that seems about right for what it is - a pop-rock classic. I'd say you can't go wrong listening to the first half, especially the first four songs - 'A Girl Like You,' 'Blues Before and After,' 'Blue Period' and 'Baby Be Good.' By the way, if you find yourself feeling like you recognize the other vocalist on 'Blue Period' it's because you probably do - that's Go-Go Belinda Carlisle.