With The Beatles’ “Let It Be” record currently getting a lot of attention, I would instead like to focus on what is arguably a much better album (perhaps their best?), 1969’s “Abbey Road.” Though “Abbey Road” was their penultimate release, the “Let It Be” sessions were actually recorded before “Abbey Road,” so many consider this the last true Beatles record. But, we can leave that debate for another time. From that iconic album cover to the side two medley, there are many things that make this record stand out. However, for me, the thing that stands out the most are the two George Harrison-penned tracks, ‘Something’ and ‘Here Comes The Sun.’ These are considered a couple of Harrison’s best songs, if not the best songs he’s ever written. In fact, ‘Here Comes The Sun’ is the most streamed Beatles song on Spotify. Other than those two, the other songs you can check out to get a taste are ‘Oh! Darling’ and ‘You Never Give Me Your Money’ (which technically starts out the medley portion of side two).