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194. ACT I: ORIGINS by Young The Giant

194. ACT I:  ORIGINS by Young The Giant
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This indie/alternative band from SoCal (previously covered here) are back in 2022 with the first of a series of 4 EPs, this one called Origins. The idea is that all four of the EPs, once released, will encompass a full record titled American Bollywood.

The goals here are lofty. As lead singer Sameer Gadhia noted, "we...started to tell the multi-generational saga of the American immigrant, and the origins, exiles, battles, and denouement of reclaiming our collective identity. It's...our universal search to find meaning in chaos."

Gadhia, being of Indian descent, has put his stamp on the music. Check out the beginning of 'Wake Up' to hear what I mean. The next track, 'Tomorrow,' is also very YTGish, so I would give that a listen too. Since the album is only 4 songs, you might as well just listen to the whole thing straight through, but these 2 songs can get you started.