Think Fiona Apple, but with more melody; Tori Amos, but with more accessibility; Alanis Morissette, but with less acidity. That’s Regina Spektor in a nutshell. Quirky and whimsical but with street smarts and book smarts is how I would describe Spektor and this 2006 record. A talented pianist and singer, she can give her voice that more “coy” sound, like in ‘Fidelity’ or ‘Samson’ or she can sound more authoritative, as in ‘That Time.’ Either way, I think you’ll find this album a good way to spend about 45 minutes, especially if you’re into any or all of the artists mentioned above. You can’t go wrong with the first 4 tracks, especially the aforementioned ‘Fidelity’ and ‘Samson’ which were considered the singles/hits when first released. ‘Field Below,’ however, with it’s piano/vocal arrangement and bluesy fills, is a must listen.