This 1986 debut record from New Zealand/Australian band Crowded House was their introduction to the world, but it wasn't Neil Finn's. Principal songwriter and singer Finn was fresh off the break-up of his previous band, Split Enz, when he formed Crowded House a year or so later. If the band Split Enz somehow rings a bell for those of you of appropriate age, it may be due to the song 'I Got You' rushing back into your head. I remember the linked video, the spooky verses and ebullient chorus like it was yesterday. This was my introduction to Neil Finn - I've followed his career ever since.

Getting back to Crowded House, the tracks I think you should hear are probably the same tracks you think you should hear. These are some of their best known songs, all off a single album (and their debut at that). Instead of saving the best for last, I'd go straight for the money shot - 'Something So Strong' (though many may argue that 'Don't Dream It's Over' should hold that spot). Either way, you can't go wrong starting off with one of these two. Then, finish off with 'World Where You Live' and 'Mean To Me.'