This gets a bit complicated so bear with me. This 2019 box set includes a fully remixed version of the band’s 1989 record, “Don’t Tell A Soul” which, in this set, is referred to as “Don’t Tell A Soul Redux.” So, the record I’m really covering here is the 11 track remixed version of “Don’t Tell A Soul” contained within “Dead Man’s Pop.” Now that we cleared that up, let’s move on. This record was not considered very good when it first came out. In fact, when people talk about the best Replacements’ albums, “Don’t Tell A Soul” doesn’t even come up in the conversation. However, I was first introduced to the band with this album and, so, it has special meaning to me. And, it turns out, I think it actually is a very good album, but had just suffered from overproduction at the time of its initial release back in ‘89. It just didn’t fit in with the scrappy reputation the rock and rollers from Minnesota had. So, that’s where this remixed version comes in. Supposedly it’s more in line with what the band had originally intended. If you’re familiar with “Don’t Tell A Soul” but hadn’t heard about this release, go ahead and try an A/B comparison with the songs mentioned below and see what you think. And, if you’ve never heard the ‘89 release before, go straight to this version - do not pass Go, do not collect $200.  My faves (then and now):  ‘I’ll Be You,’ ‘We’ll Inherit the Earth,’ ‘Achin’ to Be’ and ‘They’re Blind’ (has some sublime guitar work in this version).