You may know of the White Stripes and Jack White. You may even know of the Raconteurs, but do you know who Brendan Benson is? His name doesn’t exactly roll off one’s tongue, but he’s the other ‘half’ of the Raconteurs - co-frontman with Jack White. His musical career started well before the Raconteurs. Dear Life is actually his 7th solo album. The theme throughout the record is that of fulfillment and affirmation of life. Assuming he wrote these songs during the current world situation is a testament to having a positive attitude and seeing the glass as half full. If you’re a fan of the Raconteurs, then you know that his voice is the smoother, more melodic one. This comes across on Dear Life and goes hand in hand with the power pop nature of the songs. If you want a break from the daily barrage of bad news, listen to ‘Richest Man’ and ‘Baby’s Eyes.’ And, if you want something a little edgier and more reminiscent of the Raconteurs, check out the first track and ‘Freak Out.’