This 1992 record, Lennox's debut as a solo artist, is, by far, her best album. Up to this point, Lennox was considered one-half of the British synth-pop duo Eurythmics. However, with her already established extraordinary vocal abilities, all she had left to prove was whether she could serve as a primary songwriter. Well, she easily accomplished that with Diva, penning 8 of the 10 songs on her own and co-writing the remaining.

The record is somewhat of a departure from the synth and beat heavy music of her previous band. The highlight here is her voice and lyrics. Along those lines, the tracks I like and recommend include:  'Why' (easily my all time favorite song by Lennox or the Eurythmics), 'Primitive,' the bluesy 'Cold' and lastly the downer of a song with a catchy, upbeat sound, 'Walking On Broken Glass.'