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227. DON'T SAY NO by Billy Squier

227. DON'T SAY NO by Billy Squier
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Rocker Billy Squier had the good fortune of releasing his 2nd record in 1981, a few months prior to MTV debuting on the airwaves. His radio-friendly, guitar-oriented tracks along with accompanying videos getting heavy airplay on MTV turned out to be a combination made in heaven. This album generated no less than four hits and catapulted Squier to superstar status, albeit only for a couple of years. (The reason for his eventual "downfall" is supposedly tied to a music video included down below - I'll leave it to the reader to look up the details.)

The songs I'm recommending you check out won't be a surprise to anyone familiar with this record - they are the four standouts and all have in common catchy guitar riffs that stand the test of time. So, without further ado either go to my playlist on Apple Music or Spotify or click the link below the record sleeve and have a listen to these songs...LOUD:  'My Kinda Lover,' 'Lonely Is The Night,' 'In The Dark' and 'The Stroke.'

Did this video kill the radio star?