The Black Keys go back to the basics on this just released 2022 record - and thank goodness for it. After a brief detour off the beaten path in the form of a couple albums that didn't really do it for me, they're back to what they do best. Crunchy, fuzzed up and punchy garage rock with a hefty dose of blues. I'd even venture to say this is the closest they've gotten to some of their earlier output, for example the previously covered Rubber Factory.

The pickins' are not slim on this record, but if you need a place to start, I'd go with 'Good Love' (with guest soloist Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top). Then pick things up a bit with 'Burn The Damn Thing Down.' And while you're there at track 7, just go ahead and continue with track 8, 'Happiness,' and finish with the 'Midnight Rider' influenced 'Baby I'm Coming Home.'