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233. ENEMA OF THE STATE by blink-182

233. ENEMA OF THE STATE by blink-182
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In honor of pop / skate-punk band blink-182 reuniting their classic lineup for the first time since 2014 at Coachella this past weekend (and this upcoming weekend, thanks Frank Ocean...) I thought I'd revisit this classic 1999 record. It's with this album that co-vocalists Tom DeLonge (guitar) and Mark Hoppus (bass) along with newly acquired drummer Travis Barker found the perfect formula of adolescent bathroom humor, breakneck speed (12 songs in 35 minutes), melody and introspection. If some of the tracks below remind you of Green Day (previously covered here) that's no coincidence...the same producer was in the studio for Green Day's smash album Dookie.

The hits are all here and will give you a good taste of what the band is all about:  'All the Small Things,' 'Adam's Song,' 'Dumpweed' and 'What's My Age Again?'

Just a quick note to close out this post - I'm going to try and mix things up going forward in terms of continuing to feature old and new records of course, but also throwing in single tracks every now and then. With my current time constraints (ie, my real job!), I don't get to post as often as I'd like to, but am always full of music to share; and, a lot of the times, it just happens to be a single classic track that brings back memories or a brand new song that will, hopefully, forge new ones. So, stay tuned....