College rock and alt-rock icon Sinead O’Connor’s career was at its peak after the release of her first two records, “The Lion and the Cobra” and “I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got” (1987 and 1990, respectively). However, after a series of controversial statements and actions, her fame took a nosedive. 2000’s “Faith and Courage” was a comeback of sorts, at least a return to more accessible and mainstream music. Unfortunately, I think many people couldn’t get over her actions during the 90’s and, subsequently, never really gave her future music a chance. That’s a shame, really, as this is a really good album. Her trademark sweet voice is in full form, as is the occasional bite she’s known for. The rockers include ‘No Man’s Woman’ and ‘Daddy I’m Fine’ so give those a shot if that’s your thing. ‘Jealous’ and ‘Hold Back the Night’ showcase that voice I mentioned earlier. And, album opener ‘The Healing Room’ is one of those tracks that you simply must listen to with headphones to fully appreciate the production work.