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247. GREEN by R.E.M.

247. GREEN by R.E.M.
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Having just dropped off my older son to college, I've been thinking a lot about the bands and records that meant a lot to me during my freshman year at university. And, of course, one of the first albums to come to mind was 1988's Green. I can still picture that orange CD booklet inserted in the jewel case like it was yesterday.

Green was a bit of a departure for R.E.M. as it was their major label debut. And, with the new record label came somewhat of a new sound. In fact, lead singer Michael Stipe famously told his bandmates to shy away from writing songs that sound like R.E.M. And, that they did - you'll be hard pressed to hear any of the good ole jangle pop R.E.M. was known for up to this point.

My favorites and the tracks I've added to my playlists include, in no particular order, 'Untitled,' 'Turn You Inside-Out,' 'You Are The Everything,' 'Stand' and, of course, 'Pop Song 89.'