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187. HOUNDS OF LOVE by Kate Bush

187. HOUNDS OF LOVE by Kate Bush
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Might as well get on the Kate Bush bandwagon, right? This 1985 record by the British musician is her most popular as well as probably her most accessible as she does tend to have more art rock/prog rock leanings. My introduction to Bush was back in college, in the early 90's, in the form of her 1986 compilation The Whole Story. So, I ended up at this album by working my way backwards.

While side A consists of a more straightforward collection of tracks/singles, side B is more conceptual. I'll limit my recommendations to songs from side A. My favorite Kate Bush song (from this record and overall) is 'Cloudbusting' so give that a shot first. I just really like the driving nature of the beat and rhythm of it. Next consider listening to the title track, 'Hounds of Love.' Finally, you can end up with the song that's been all the rage recently because of its exposure in season 4 of Stranger Things, 'Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God).'

Some of you who take the time to listen to any of these tracks (or, hopefully, the whole album) may find Bush's voice vaguely familiar but can't quite place where you may have heard her before in the distant past. Well, chances are it was from Peter Gabriel's 1986 album, So, particularly the track, 'Don't Give Up.'