This is a bit confusing - Suede is the name of the band pretty much everywhere in the world except the United States, where they’re known as The London Suede, hence the name on the record sleeve. Their debut record, released in 1993, was hailed as the beginning of what eventually became known as Britpop. In fact, Suede is considered part of the big four of the Britpop scene, along with Oasis, Blur and Pulp. Lead by the somewhat androgynous Brett Anderson, this is British glamrock to the core. Think David Bowie’s glam phase or parts of The Smiths’ catalog. Electric guitars play a big role on this record, even on the ballads, so you’re in for a treat. The singles that were released prior to the full album coming out are ‘Animal Nitrate,’ ‘Metal Mickey’ and ‘The Drowners.’ Start with those to get a taste, but don’t neglect the rest of the album, especially ‘Moving’ and ‘Pantomine Horse.’ Finally, if you’re streaming the Deluxe version of the album, there’s a pretty interesting cover of The Pretenders’ ‘Brass in Pocket.’