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179. IN SESSION (LIVE) by Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan

179. IN SESSION (LIVE) by Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan
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I've been listening to a ton of blues lately which lead me down a YouTube rabbit hole of Albert King videos. The highlight is this 1983 audio recording of King and SRV's Canadian TV appearance. The great thing about these old blues legends are the stories they tell. Thankfully, King keeps these short and sweet (I've personally experienced another old timer in concert who talked more than he played).

If you're even remotely interested in the blues, you've probably seen Albert King play without even knowing it - he's hard to miss with his Gibson Flying V guitar which he plays left-handed, strung upside down and backwards. What's heart-warming about this record (and the accompanying video) is the mutual respect both guitarists have for each other - Stevie for one of his idols and King for the up and coming axe slingers, like 'Little Stevie.'

The tracks to check out include three that are present on streaming services and two that were not included on the record but are available on YouTube - those can't be included in the Apple Music and Spotify playlists, but I'll link to them down below. So, when you're ready to get blown away by these blues giants give a listen to:  'Call It Stormy Monday,' 'Pride and Joy,' 'Blues At Sunrise,' 'Born Under A Bad Sign' and 'Texas Flood.'