(Former) Fleetwood Mac frontman (that still just doesn’t sound right) Lindsey Buckingham has a just released 2021 record out which, interestingly enough, is self-titled (not typically the norm for one’s seventh solo album). Perhaps it’s his way of embracing the new found independence forced upon him. That doesn’t matter, though, because what does is the music. And, with Buckingham, you’re almost always guaranteed great melodies and even better finger picking. One of my favorite things to do at Fleetwood Mac concerts is to zero in on his picking hand, which the video camera operators must know because that hand is always up on the big screen. So, unsurprisingly, my picks (pun intended) for tracks off this record with which to begin include, ‘Santa Rosa,’ ‘Blue Light,’ ‘On the Wrong Side’ and ‘I Don’t Mind.’ Incidentally, Buckingham wrote, produced and recorded the entire record on his own.