One of the greatest albums of all time, one of the greatest double albums of all time, one of the greatest punk albums of all time…the list goes on and on. Released in 1980 in the US, one look at that record sleeve clued you in that you were in for a wild ride. This genre spanning and genre bending album has something for everyone and reflected the directions the band wanted to take away from just straight punk rock. There’s still punk, of course, but add to that rock, jazz, ska, reggae, etc. and you have a mixture that will never leave you bored. Check out ‘Rudie Can’t Fail,’ ‘The Right Profile,’ ‘Lost in the Supermarket,’ ‘Death or Glory,’ ‘The Card Cheat’ and ‘Lover’s Rock.’ Probably the most recognizable track will be ‘Train in Vain (Stand by Me).’