I've been meaning to write about this 1982 record for awhile. I feel it's pretty underrated in Petty's catalog and deserves a mention here. What motivated me to finally get to it was watching the documentary Somewhere You Feel Free:  The Making of Wildflowers (previously covered here). Wow, what a film! For those of you with an interest in the making of classic albums, I highly recommend watching this. Getting back to this record, though, many of you will likely remember the big hit, 'You Got Lucky,' as much for the video that was in heavy rotation on MTV as for the song itself. However, there's so much more to Long After Dark that was likely glossed over at the time because of the popularity of that song and video. So, it's worth circling back to have another listen. The tracks that stand out to me include, 'Between Two Worlds,' 'Change Of Heart,' Deliver Me,' 'We Stand A Chance' and, a great, mellow way to end the album - 'A Wasted Life' - start out with this one if you just feel like floating away.