This 1980 album came out a little less than 2 years prior to their commercial smash, ‘Freeze-Frame,’ and foreshadowed the direction the band was heading in. It’s hard to believe that ‘Love Stinks’ was actually their 9th studio album - the J. Geils Band had been grinding since the late 60’s, finally coming close to commercial success with this record and then achieving that success with the follow-up. Over the years, they transformed from a blues rock outfit to essentially a pop/new wave band. You can still hear that blues and rock influence in tracks like ‘Takin’ You Down’ and ‘Tryin’ Not to Think About It.’ But, the songs you probably remember this record for are what I call the big three:  ‘Just Can’t Wait,’ ‘Come Back’ and, of course, ‘Love Stinks.’ Compare and contrast the big three with the previously mentioned tracks and you’ll hear what I’m talking about.