When thinking about a Fleetwood Mac record, this 2003 release doesn’t necessarily come to mind. But, it’s got some gems in there worth checking out. This was the album they put out after Christine McVie left the band (though she does play on a few songs). So, principal songwriting duties fell on Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. They both showed up to the recording sessions with some tracks in the bag. Among these, the songs I really like tend to showcase Buckingham’s guitar chops and Nicks’ vocals (despite her noticeably deeper register). Give these a shot:  ‘Thrown Down,’ ‘Come,’ ‘Bleed To Love Her’ and ‘Goodbye Baby.’ Incidentally, the studio version of ‘Come’ ends with an almost 2 minute guitar solo which, impressive enough on its own, is no comparison to what Buckingham does on this live version.