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236. SPORTS by Huey Lewis and the News

236. SPORTS by Huey Lewis and the News
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This 1983 record reached second in sales at the end of 1984, only beat out by Michael Jackson's Thriller. So that should give you an idea of just how big this album was, spawning hit single after hit single. In fact that was Huey Lewis's plan all along - according to him this was the only way to stay alive in the record industry back in the early to mid '80's.

Those of you familiar with Sports may be surprised to see me recommend tracks 5 through 7 rather than the more popular and familiar 1 through 4. For me, those songs got so much airtime on the radio and MTV that I wanted to suggest less popular but still familiar ones to listen to instead.

So, get that feel good feeling ready for 'Walking On A Thin Line,' 'Finally Found A Home' and 'If This Is It.'