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258. THE BLUES SESSIONS by Mick Jagger and the Red Devils

258. THE BLUES SESSIONS by Mick Jagger and the Red Devils
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I only learned about this 1992 blues 'record' last week when listening to episode #271 of the Next Track podcast. You're probably wondering why the quotation marks - turns out that the tracks recorded at this marathon 13 hour session were never officially released on any album (save for one on a Jagger 'Best Of' compilation). If you like what Jagger can do with the blues with The Rolling Stones as his backing band, you're going to love what he does with the Red Devils, an LA-based blues bar band. This is no-holes-barred Mick at his bluesiest.

There's no need to get into the back story of this record here - there is a lot of information online to which I would refer you. Suffice it to say that producer Rick Rubin had asked Mick to go listen to this band one night at the King King club and he was so impressed that he arranged for a day long recording session of some of his favorite blues tracks.

Since these songs were never released on record, they're not available on any streaming platforms. However, YouTube saves the day as the 'click/tap' link up above takes you to the session posted there, timestamps for each track included. Also, instead of my usual 3 to 5 song recommendations, I'd suggest you listen to this one all the way through - it's worth it, especially for the blues fanatics out there.