This is where it all began. Two days, two cities, 29 songs and 13 alternate takes. Just a man and his guitar. Whether you subscribe to the notion that most (all?) modern music has its roots in the blues, one thing is undeniable - Robert Johnson and his 29 songs were hugely influential to rock and blues musicians on both sides of the pond. For the younger readers discovering “classic rock” for the first time, you only need to check the credits for some of your favorite rock/blues songs to see the monumental effect Johnson had from just those two short recording sessions in San Antonio and Dallas, Texas back in 1936-1937:  Howlin’ Wolf ‘Dust My Broom,’ Eric Clapton/Cream ‘Crossroads,’ Led Zeppelin ‘Travelling Riverside Blues,’ Rolling Stones ‘Love in Vain,’ White Stripes ‘Stop Breaking Down Blues,’ and the list goes on and on.