Think what you will about the late Jim Morrison and his "shaman-ship," he had a powerful, commanding voice and a knack for poetry, though pretty esoteric at times. This debut record was released in 1967 and was unique in the way keyboards provided many of the bass lines, rather than an actual bass guitar (though a bassist was used on some of the tracks during the recording of the album, contrary to popular belief).

One could tell from the opening notes of 'Break On Through (To The Other Side)' that there was nothing out there that sounded anything like The Doors. This was an utterly original band. They released six albums in about four years before Morrison succumbed to the 27 club. After 'Break On Through' continue on with 'Soul Kitchen' and 'Twentieth Century Fox.' I hesitate to recommend two of the other more well known songs and would rather you try out 'Back Door Man' - an obligate blues cover, but done Doors style.