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248. THE WINDOW by Ratboys

248. THE WINDOW by Ratboys
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Following in a long line (okay, probably not so long) of questionable band names (see also Mediocre), this 2023 record by the Chicago-based indie rockers is worth your time, and multiple listens. Mixing up the aforementioned indie rock with touches of folk, country, grunge and even good old classic rock you'll be surprised how many outstanding riffs and licks fly under the radar beneath singer Julia Steiner's vocals.

For the guitarists out there, start and end your sampling of this album with the almost 9 minute 'Black Earth, WI' where homage is paid to the long lost days when guitar solos were welcomed parts of songs. A nice live version of this track is down below. Continue with the almost jangly pop of 'Morning Zoo' and then take things down to the grungy level of 'Empty' before finishing off with 'It's Alive!'

'Black Earth, WI' from the live music capital of the world