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263. TIGERS BLOOD by Waxahatchee

263. TIGERS BLOOD by Waxahatchee
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I've been following Waxahatchee (aka Katie Crutchfield) ever since her 2015 record Ivy Tripp and covered her recent output here and here. With each subsequent album she impresses me more and more.

Her previous record, Saint Cloud, was released during the pandemic and caught everyone, including Crutchfield herself, by surprise with its popularity and overwhelming critical success. With 2024's Tigers Blood, she pretty much picks up where she left off, so if you loved Saint Cloud (it was one of my favorite records of 2020) you are going to have a very good day listening to Tigers Blood.

Start out with one of the breakout singles, 'Right Back To It' and then move on to the following: 'Crowbar' (which echoes R.E.M.'s 'Near Wild Heaven'), 'Lone Star Lake,' 'Burns Out At Midnight' and end with my favorite off the record, '365.' But, really, just listen to the whole record - it's so good. Can't wait to see her in May when she comes through Houston.

Official video for '365'