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211. WELCOME INTERSTATE MANAGERS by Fountains of Wayne

211. WELCOME INTERSTATE MANAGERS by Fountains of Wayne
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Ever since Adam Schlesinger, co-founding member and co-songwriter for Fountains of Wayne, succumbed to COVID-19 early on in the pandemic I've been wanting to feature this 2003 record. This album was the third out of what ended up being a total of five put out by FofW, so it essentially represents the midpoint of their career.

Coming in at about an hour, it's chock full of power pop gems spanning 17 tracks. There are hooks galore so you're likely to find something to like even if it's not any of the songs I think you should check out first. So, whether you give my tracks a listen or not, don't skip this record - I guarantee there will be something in there for you.

If you're at all familiar with this album, you already know about 'Stacy's Mom' - an ode to teen lust somewhat in the vain of 'Mrs. Robinson' by Simon and Garfunkel. However, I'd rather you start your listening experience with another song, 'All Kinds Of Time.' Who else but Fountains of Wayne can write a song about a quarterback dropping back to pass the football, make it a ballad and have it turn out catchy as all hell. (By the way, James Iha, guitarist for Smashing Pumpkins (previously covered here) plays on this track.) Move on to 'Hey Julie' and 'Hackensack' and then finish off with 'Stacy's Mom.'