Released in 1992, in the shadow of their two previous platinum sellers - Kick and X - this record already had an uphill climb before the first single was ever released. It also didn’t help that the band had decided not to tour in support of it, having just come off the massive tour in support of X. Turns out that WTWYA was not only INXS’ penultimate album with lead singer Michael Hutchence before his death in 1997, but also their last really really good record. After Kick and X, the band wanted to move into a new direction and make their sound more raw and edgy. They accomplished that with WTWYA, especially with ‘Heaven Sent’ and ‘Communications.’ ‘Not Enough Time’ and ‘Beautiful Girl’ round out my other favorite tracks from this album - ‘Not Enough Time’ is a sultry slow-burn of a song if there ever was one.