And now for something completely different…this record actually doesn’t come out until 2022, but I’ve been so enamored with a couple of the lead off singles I felt compelled to share it with you now. The band is from the Isle of Wight, formed by two college friends back in 2019. A mixture of deadpan deliverance and alternatively thick, grungy and melodic guitar lines have caught the interest of ordinary fans and music critics alike. Though four tracks have been released so far, the two I want to direct your attention to are ‘Chaise Longue’ and ‘Wet Dream.’ The former starts out with drums, a heavy bass line and dry vocals alluded to earlier. Then, all of a sudden the rest of the guitars kick in and you’re hooked instantly. A bonus is a sly reference to a scene from the movie “Mean Girls” that those of you who’ve seen it will recognize immediately. ‘Wet Dream’ continues with more witty lyrics and rocks a little bit harder than ‘Chaise Longue.’ Can’t wait for the rest of the album to drop in April!