This 1964 record is more of a collection rather than a true album, in that it collected singles and fillers from the Supremes' previous 2 years worth of output and put it on vinyl. Such was the practice back then, especially for Motown records - and we are the luckier for it. One of my all time favorite records, it's hard to argue with Diana Ross' voice being one of the greatest in modern pop music history. Although most of the songs deal with heartbreak, I get a smile on my face every time I listen to this album. Anyone even remotely familiar with the Motown sound will know the recommended tracks here. Side one of the LP has the hits, but that's not to say that the flip side is all fillers and no winners. Start out with 'Come See About Me' - the build up of the drums at the beginning is classic. Continue with the title track, 'Where Did Our Love Go,' probably their most popular song. 'Baby Love' is the last of the big 3 hits from the A side. Finish off with 'A Breath Taking Guy,' a Smokey Robinson-penned song that accommodates vocals from the other two members of the group (Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson).