Upbeat, melodious songs about real downer topics seems to be all the rage these days. That holds true for this 2019 record from the Brooklyn-based band Charly Bliss (there is no band member with that name). This power pop group layers the songs on this album with synths allowing the new wave nature of most of the tracks to shine through. Lead singer Eva Hendricks, having suffered through an abusive relationship (culminating in an assault) pours her heart out on this album. But, you wouldn’t be able to tell that unless you listen closely - her squeaky clean voice and the joyous arrangements betrays the dark undertone of the lyrics. The title track is the standout here, with it’s driving beat and rolling bass line, it’s as infectious as it is meaningful. The other “hits” include ‘Chatroom’ and ‘Capacity’ but don’t neglect to check out the rest of the album, especially ‘Hurt Me.’