I never thought I would be mentioning American Idol in this blog but, well, here we are. Houston native (from age 13) and Austin transplant Zach Person was a contestant on the show during the 2016 season. Though he didn’t make it far, he definitely got noticed. Considered a mix of indie and blues rock, he plays a mean guitar, including slide. Citing influences such as Jack White, the Black Keys, John Mayer and Buddy Guy you know what to expect even before the needle drops on this 2020 record. For a taste of the slide guitar listen to ‘Can’t Stop Running’ and then continue on with ‘Send Me Away.’ Finish off with a cover of Otis Blackwell’s ‘All Shook Up’ (though you’re probably most familiar with Elvis Presley’s version). The riff on Person’s interpretation is very reminiscent of that on The Cult’s ‘Soldier Blue.’