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255. ABACAB by Genesis

255. ABACAB by Genesis
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This 1981 record was really my first introduction to Genesis which, by this time, was three albums in with the core trio of Phil Collins (previously covered here), Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford - Peter Gabriel was long gone at this point. So, I never really got into the more prog rock oriented, Peter Gabriel-lead band - rather I got my feet wet with the pop oriented, Phil Collins as the frontman behind the drum kit, Genesis.

In featuring this particular Genesis record, I'm cheating a bit. This is because a couple of the songs I will recommend down below never made it onto the final recording, though they were recorded during the Abacab sessions. These tracks eventually saw the light of day by being included on an EP, a live album and an anthology box set. But, you won't find them by clicking the stream link up above, which takes you to the official Abacab studio release. They will, however, be in my Apple Music and Spotify playlists and, of course, easily found on YouTube.

So, without further ado, here are the songs I have a particular fondness for from the Abacab album and recording sessions: my favorite is 'You Might Recall' followed closely by 'Like It Or Not.' Then 'Paperlate' and its Earth, Wind and Fire horn section will have you grooving in your seat. Next 'Man On The Corner' and finally title track and album opener 'Abacab.'