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I've set myself up for failure by picking this 1989 record by The Cure (previously covered here) to feature today. Why? Well, how does one choose just 3 to 5 songs off this absolute masterpiece to get the unenlightened started? Conversely, how will the diehard fans ever agree with my track selection? Oh well, here goes....

For those of us who were at just the right age (late teens) when this record came out, it became our Bible. We listened over and over again, we knew every word, every snarl, every sound. Lather, rinse, repeat. And, then again. You know who you are. With headphones, without headphones, in the car, in bed. Just one more listen before I fall asleep. This was the peak of the band's goth rock leanings, their commercial peak and the peak of their career. It doesn't get any better than this.

So go forth on your listening adventure, but set aside more time than you normally would, for as soon as that last song ends you'll want to do it all.over.again. 'Untitled,' 'Plainsong,' 'Prayers For Rain,' 'Fascination Street' and 'Pictures of You.'

It's only 28 seconds...wait for it, wait for it....

Just a quick note about the website. I've tweaked the appearance a bit on the homepage as well as the individual entries to give it a cleaner look. However, more importantly, my blogging platform has now included native search functionality - you can look up artists, album names, genres, tags, etc. If you haven't visited the site recently, go kick the tires and let me know what you think.