This 2022 record, fresh out today, is a welcome respite from White's previous album (released just 3 months ago and covered here), where he played the mad scientist and we his guinea pigs. As promised back then, Entering Heaven Alive (ascension in the religious sense) gives us the mellow, acoustic, laid back White; and, there's a lot to like about this version of the Raconteur.

Most of the tracks include acoustic guitar, piano and organ, with even some strings thrown in. White is a master of giving his music that "old-timey" feel and it's those songs that I'm drawn to on this record. So, if you are likewise into that retro vibe, you'll appreciate these recommendations: 'Love Is Selfish,' 'Please God, Don't Tell Anyone' and 'A Tree On Fire From Within.'

However, there's still some bluesy curveballs thrown on the album which, perhaps, would have fit in better on Fear Of The Dawn, but are welcome here and serve to mix things up a bit:  'A Madman From Manhattan' and 'I've Got You Surrounded (With My Love).'