What continues to amaze me about Mike Campbell's non-Heartbreaker output (his debut with The Dirty Knobs previously covered here) is his voice - I can't help but feel like he's channeling Tom Petty with every song he sings. Either that or I just miss Petty immensely and latch onto anything that brings him back to me. Regardless, what's interesting about this just released 2022 record is that the band is now known as Mike Campbell and The Dirty Knobs, rather than just The Dirty Knobs. I'm sure this has to do with capitalizing on Campbell's name recognition to boost this album's streams, etc. But, somehow I feel like there will be enough streams, sales, concert tickets, etc. as this is a great straight up rock and roll record. So, if you're in the mood to rock, check these tracks out:  'Electric Gypsy,' 'State of Mind' (love love love Margo Price on this track), 'Brigitte Bardot' and 'It Is Written.'